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This is the heifer that started the Cookie cow Family. Morgan was 7 years old.

This cow, 8W, is a 6th generation Cookie Cow.


Our primary goal is to provide show heifers and bulls for the Texas junior shows.  All our cows originated from three show heifers.  Morgan wanted to show, so we decided to raise our own show heifers and steers.  We thought we could raise better quality cattle than we could afford to buy.  Every cow in our herd is the result of artificial insemination or embryo transfer.  We’ve always tried to use the top AI bulls.


At WPH, we are building our herd to produce functional and efficient Polled and horned Hereford cattle utilizing all available tools.  We’re passionate about our high standards for combining visual appraisal, proven genetic values and technology to create a program that will provide the highest quality genetics not only for us, but also for our customers. 


We feel that the cow herd of 25 head has now reached our goal of producing quality show heifers and steers.  These cattle are daughters of Wrangler 19D, Boomer P606, Online, 146, Cyrus, About Time, Embassy, and World Class 517.  We are breeding these cows to World Class 517, 88X, About  Time, H Excel 8051 et , NJW FHF 9710 Tank 45p.   We usually calve in September, October, March and April. 

Gary began showing cattle at age 9, and has 35 years of ag-teaching experience in Texas.

Morgan began showing cattle in third grade, and continued throughout her high school years.  She exhibited the 1996 Champion Heifer at the Houston Livestock Show, Reserve Grand at Fort Worth’s extremely competitive Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show, plus numerous class and division winners in major Texas junior shows, including a class-winning heavy-weight PH steer in Fort Worth.



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